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CRM Implementation

We Provide

CRM development consulting

Leverage our crm implementation/development Services to access the feasibility of your business Idea. Our team of consultants will help you identify The right set of technologies and provide other related Guidance.

CRM architecture design

Our crm development team designs validated multi-Tenant architecture that is secure, scalable, and Enterprise-grade. Our architecture delivers stable Performance under peak loads.

Testing and QA

Our quality specialists perform comprehensive
Testing to ensure the reliability of your crm solution. We simulate maximum-use scenarios to run stress testing And endure testing.

CRM product development

Our crm software development sit on a wide Range of technologies and help provide you with a custom Crm product. We match the right tech stacks with your Unique business needs.

CRM design

Our team of industry-savvy designers can audit your Existing crm software to make it more user-friendly and Responsive. We also create UX from scratch to ensure a Highly intuitive journey for the end-user.

Data migration

Move to the cloud fast and easy with our crm applications Development services. We can migrate your solution to Another cloud provider or transform your existing Application into a robust crm infrastructure.





Our CRM Development


Our cooperation starts with a thorough analysis of your business objectives and distilling the core of your request. Together, we develop a holistic vision of your SaaS solution, decide on the milestones, and prioritize core functionality.
Product design
Then, our team of designers builds prototypes and UI for your future software according to the target audience and relevant goals. In-depth market research helps us come up with an intuitive custom app that boosts conversions.
Development and architecture
We continue by building a secure and maintainable SaaS application that is aligned with industry objectives. Our software experts select a unique set of technologies for each client.
Manage extended team
After that, our testing crew validates the infallible performance of your software and its relevance with your technical requirements. We test and optimize each piece of your solution to ensure high efficiency.
Cloud deployment
Once your solution is ready, we match it up with the right cloud provider. Our cloud consultants will help you choose the most cost-effective option be it Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.
Maintenance and support
We continue to enhance your application by providing a timely and consistent maintenance regimen. It helps your solution remain competitive and deliver intended functionality.




  • mmediate start
  • Diverse Technologies
  • Fixed Price/Hourly Rate
  • Shared responsibility
Dedicated Teams
  • Full-time teams
  • Hand-picked professionals
  • Fixed price/hourly rates
  • Complete control
IT Staffing
  • Full-time remote team
  • Fast hiring
  • Developer salary+vendor fee
  • Direct management



Infrabyte Technology?

Wide talent pool
Full-cycle development


We use


MS Azure


Google Cloud












What experience does Infrabyte Software have in the field of Java development?

Our Java team has hands-on experience in building all kinds of solutions that rely on Java. Whether it’s cloud-based applications, MVPs, high-complexity software, or web applications, our Java engineers can match your request with performant and stable solutions. We also perform software upgrades and transform your outdated systems into a Java-powered ecosystem.

Being a seasoned Java development company, Devox Software also holds experience in delivering custom projects across different domains. Thus, our expertise spans the finance, healthcare, ecommerce, logistics industries, and others. Experience this wide allows our team to render high-quality solutions for any sector.

Can I hire an individual Java coder for a specific technical function?

Absolutely. Our Java development services include various hiring options to address the needs of our clients. In particular, you can hire a ready-to-go Java development team for the whole project, extend your on-site team to handle the load, or fill in talent gaps in your own Java team.

Consult our experts to find the right hiring option.

What tool should I use for Java development?

Software development is a multi-stage process, hence there are many tools available for Java management. Each of them aids the entire process of developing, testing, and deployment in Java. Therefore, the choice of the toolset is context-dependent for any Java development company.

With this in mind, our Java development team is proficient in different tech stacks to find the right set of technologies for each project. Overall, we prefer a combination of time-tested tools and trendy technologies. This includes Docker, JUnit, Apache Maven, Groovy, Jenkins. and others. The Infrabyte Software team has all of these and other tools on speed dial, so our developers can address your development needs in full and come up with a winning combo.

Is Java a popular technology for software development?

Yes, it still is. Although it is currently outshined by newcomers, Java is still the gold standard for programming. Java has an avid community and is widely used as the server-side coding language for a variety of back-end development projects. It is one of the oldest languages used for enterprise development, including Machine Learning and Big Data projects, as well as Web and Android development.


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