Manufacturing Software Implementation

Infrabyte Technology provides right crm tool Suggestion for your business, following your Business needs, expectations to improve your Business ROI.


Custom Development

To Add

Understand your audience with a unified view

we customize, develop and implement the contact and accounts details page, giving you the flexibility to highlight and summarize the fields that are important for your manufacturing business.

Streamline your sales process with automation

A custom development crm allows you to streamline your sales process in three simple steps.

Boost productivity with a Modern UI

More often than not, sales reps have to manage a huge contact list. In this process, they may miss out on important contacts that may actually convert into customers. With the modern UI of crm tools, they can organize customer data how they want and perform daily tasks faster. With a manufacturing CRM like Salesforce, Zoho and Freshworks

Have a bird’s eye view of every product and deal

Get all the details related to products in a unified view, with associated pricing, product descriptions, discount structures, etc., by configuring your unique product catalogue.  With a manufacturing CRM like Salesforce, Zoho and Freshworks, you can stay on top of all your deals for every product by creating multiple pipelines. 

Strengthen engagement with personalized communication

With the information about your end-consumers, potential dealers, and distributors, you can personalize your outreach by contextually engaging based on their interests.  By integrating your manufacturing CRM with marketing automation software like Salesforce, Zoho and Freshworks.

Make better business decisions with valuable insights

Real-time sales and marketing reports make it easy to identify bottlenecks and find reasons for lost deals. With a manufacturing CRM like Salesforce, Zoho and Freshworks, you can understand.

Want To Implement/Develop Custom CRM Tool

Here at Infrabyte Technology, we can help you create it with maximum effectiveness.


Why Custom Development

Is A Key To Your Success

Manufacturing CRM tool development requires following standards and expertise to implement a better solution which brings Scalable and Fast Time high ROI for any size company.

Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs
Increased Flexibility and Scalability
Integration with Other Business Applications
Better Control and Ownership of Data
Improved User Adoption and Satisfaction


Industry Standards

We Follow

Establish Goals
To determine the success of your CRM implementation, establish measurable goals that align with your business objectives. Rather than vague goals like "increasing sales leads," quantify with specific targets such as "submitting proposals to 10 additional qualified leads in Q1." Goals can also be based on revenue increase, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced resolution time. Creating measurable goals is crucial for establishing ROI.
Get Everyone Involved
A valuable CRM acts as a central hub for customer data used by every department. It benefits Sales with lead nurturing, analytics, reporting, and sales forecasting. Additionally, it integrates with ERP systems, aids in marketing, assists Purchasing with financial data, and can be used by HR and project managers. Executives should use and understand the CRM as they drive sales initiatives and motivate staff.
Provide Training
Although user-friendly, there is still a learning curve when implementing a CRM, especially when upgrading from a previous system. Schedule mandatory training sessions for all departments to demonstrate how to leverage the CRM's capabilities. Visual group sessions help users understand how to use the dashboards and open the floor for questions. Live demos show how to enter information, generate reports, filter contacts, enter notes, and more. Adequate training is essential to ensure user comfort and realize implementation benefits quickly.
Establish Protocols
Establish data entry standards to ensure consistency in the CRM. Set guidelines for how names, addresses, and other data should be entered. Small details like abbreviations and punctuation matter and can affect data quality. Inconsistencies can lead to errors or incomplete information, so protocols for data entry should be followed from day one.
Validate Information
Ensure list hygiene by verifying accurate and up-to-date email addresses and other key information before entering data into the CRM. To handle large lists, delegate portions to different departments with clear ownership and deadlines. Assign customers to account executives, vendors to Finance, and potential leads to marketing. Regularly check progress and touch base to ensure a clean list before implementing.



We offer

Custom Development

Custom CRM development involves tailoring a CRM system to match the specific needs of a business. This ensures better efficiency, productivity, and user adoption. With custom development, businesses have better control over their data and can integrate their CRM with other business applications.


Customizing an existing implemented CRM system can help businesses optimize their workflows and increase productivity. Our CRM implementation/development company offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients and enhance their CRM system’s functionality. With our customization services, businesses can improve user adoption, data accuracy, and overall efficiency.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another. It is often necessary when implementing a new system, upgrading an existing one, or consolidating data from multiple sources. Data migration requires careful planning and execution to ensure that data is transferred accurately and securely


Our CRM support services ensure that your CRM system runs smoothly and efficiently, providing timely assistance with any issues that may arise. We offer a range of support options, including phone, email, and on-site support, to meet your business needs.


We offer CRM integration services to connect your CRM system with other business applications, such as ERP systems, marketing automation tools, and more. This can help streamline business processes, reduce manual effort, and improve data accuracy. Our integration solutions are tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Ready To Start Manufacturing CRM Tool Development?

Infrabyte Technology is ready to help!


Benefits of our

CRM Development Services



⦁ Clearing out the project ideas
⦁ Defining project requirements
⦁ Complying with industry standards
⦁ Getting the rough estimate



⦁ Conducting a risk assessment
⦁ Figuring out the development time
⦁ Setting deadlines
⦁ Getting the detailed estimate



⦁ Analyzing the best solutions
⦁ Creating the visual concept
⦁ Preparing the brand book
⦁ Creating the design app screens


Develop and Test

⦁ Building an app architecture
⦁ Integrating required features
⦁ Finding and fixing bugs
⦁ Ensuring the app meets the requirements


Assess Security

⦁ Checking solution aspects
⦁ Testing multi-factor authentication
⦁ Undergoing penetration testing
⦁ Examining data protection


Deploy and Maintain

⦁ User acceptance test
⦁ Delivering software
⦁ Supporting the product
⦁ Improving software








Frequently Asked


What experience does Infrabyte Software have in the field of Java development?

Our Java team has hands-on experience in building all kinds of solutions that rely on Java. Whether it’s cloud-based applications, MVPs, high-complexity software, or web applications, our Java engineers can match your request with performant and stable solutions. We also perform software upgrades and transform your outdated systems into a Java-powered ecosystem.

Being a seasoned Java development company, Devox Software also holds experience in delivering custom projects across different domains. Thus, our expertise spans the finance, healthcare, ecommerce, logistics industries, and others. Experience this wide allows our team to render high-quality solutions for any sector.

Can I hire an individual Java coder for a specific technical function?

Absolutely. Our Java development services include various hiring options to address the needs of our clients. In particular, you can hire a ready-to-go Java development team for the whole project, extend your on-site team to handle the load, or fill in talent gaps in your own Java team.

Consult our experts to find the right hiring option.

What tool should I use for Java development?

Software development is a multi-stage process, hence there are many tools available for Java management. Each of them aids the entire process of developing, testing, and deployment in Java. Therefore, the choice of the toolset is context-dependent for any Java development company.

With this in mind, our Java development team is proficient in different tech stacks to find the right set of technologies for each project. Overall, we prefer a combination of time-tested tools and trendy technologies. This includes Docker, JUnit, Apache Maven, Groovy, Jenkins. and others. The Infrabyte Software team has all of these and other tools on speed dial, so our developers can address your development needs in full and come up with a winning combo.

Is Java a popular technology for software development?

Yes, it still is. Although it is currently outshined by newcomers, Java is still the gold standard for programming. Java has an avid community and is widely used as the server-side coding language for a variety of back-end development projects. It is one of the oldest languages used for enterprise development, including Machine Learning and Big Data projects, as well as Web and Android development.


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