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Professional Consulting Services

We Provide

Our strategic CRM consulting services

Our expert help you identify gaps in your current CRM processes and offer tailored solutions to align your CRM goals with your overall business objectives. We analyze your business needs, identify key performance indicators, and provide recommendations to optimize your CRM implementation and improve customer satisfaction.

Our Implementation

Our team of experts provides comprehensive guidance on CRM implementation and customization, ensuring that your system is configured optimally and functions smoothly. We work closely with you to understand your business requirements and tailor the CRM solution to meet your unique needs.

Our Data Management

Our data management and migration services ensure a seamless transition to your new CRM system, with thorough planning and execution for reliable and accurate data transfer. We take care of the technical details and provide support to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Our Training Services

Our user training and adoption services are designed to ensure your team is equipped to use the new CRM system effectively. We offer customized training sessions and ongoing support to increase user engagement and adoption. This helps ensure the success of the CRM implementation and maximizes its benefits for your business.

Our CRM Support

Our ongoing CRM support and maintenance services include regular system checks, troubleshooting, and upgrades, to ensure that your CRM system operates at optimal performance and efficiency. With our support, you can focus on your core business while we take care of your CRM needs.

Our Integration Services

Our integration services offer seamless connections between your CRM and other business systems, allowing for enhanced functionality and increased productivity. We specialize in integrating CRM with ERP systems, marketing automation tools, and other third-party applications, helping you streamline business processes and improve data accuracy.


Benefits of our

Consulting Services


Our consulting services help align your CRM goals with your overall business objectives, ensuring that your CRM system is supporting your business strategy.


We offer expert guidance on CRM implementation and customization, ensuring optimal configuration and functionality to meet your specific business needs.


Our data management and migration services help ensure a smooth transition to your new CRM system, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.


Our user training and adoption services help drive user engagement and adoption of the new system, maximizing the benefits of your CRM investment.


Our ongoing CRM support and maintenance services ensure that your system continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


Our integration services help connect your CRM with other business systems and applications, providing enhanced functionality and productivity.


Our Professional

Consulting Process

Discovery Phase
We begin with a thorough analysis of your current CRM system, business processes, and pain points to understand your needs.
Planning Phase
Based on the insights gathered in the discovery phase, we develop a detailed roadmap outlining the recommended solutions and implementation approach.
Implementation Phase
Our team of experts executes the plan by configuring, customizing, and integrating your CRM system with other applications as needed.
Training and Adoption Phase
We provide comprehensive user training and support to help drive user adoption and engagement with the new system.
Ongoing Support Phase
Our support team provides ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the system continues to function smoothly and efficiently, with regular check-ins to assess the effectiveness of the system and identify areas for improvement.




We are a salesforce development company that’s ready to tackle any project you might have, as our engineering team covers the entire development scope, including:

Tailored Salesforce Development

Scalable solutions that fully comply with your business targets

Customised Solution

Robust customised salesforce solution that can run your business seamlessly

Data Migration

Migrating data from legacy system to salesforce in a highly secured way.



Infrabyte Technology?

Manufacturing CRM tool development requires following standards and expertise to implement a better solution which brings Scalable and Fast Time high ROI for any size company.

Tailored to Your Unique Business Needs
Increased Flexibility and Scalability
Integration with Other Business Applications
Better Control and Ownership of Data
Improved User Adoption and Satisfaction




What experience does Infrabyte Software have in the field of Java development?

Our Java team has hands-on experience in building all kinds of solutions that rely on Java. Whether it’s cloud-based applications, MVPs, high-complexity software, or web applications, our Java engineers can match your request with performant and stable solutions. We also perform software upgrades and transform your outdated systems into a Java-powered ecosystem.

Being a seasoned Java development company, Devox Software also holds experience in delivering custom projects across different domains. Thus, our expertise spans the finance, healthcare, ecommerce, logistics industries, and others. Experience this wide allows our team to render high-quality solutions for any sector.

Can I hire an individual Java coder for a specific technical function?

Absolutely. Our Java development services include various hiring options to address the needs of our clients. In particular, you can hire a ready-to-go Java development team for the whole project, extend your on-site team to handle the load, or fill in talent gaps in your own Java team.

Consult our experts to find the right hiring option.

What tool should I use for Java development?

Software development is a multi-stage process, hence there are many tools available for Java management. Each of them aids the entire process of developing, testing, and deployment in Java. Therefore, the choice of the toolset is context-dependent for any Java development company.

With this in mind, our Java development team is proficient in different tech stacks to find the right set of technologies for each project. Overall, we prefer a combination of time-tested tools and trendy technologies. This includes Docker, JUnit, Apache Maven, Groovy, Jenkins. and others. The Infrabyte Software team has all of these and other tools on speed dial, so our developers can address your development needs in full and come up with a winning combo.

Is Java a popular technology for software development?

Yes, it still is. Although it is currently outshined by newcomers, Java is still the gold standard for programming. Java has an avid community and is widely used as the server-side coding language for a variety of back-end development projects. It is one of the oldest languages used for enterprise development, including Machine Learning and Big Data projects, as well as Web and Android development.


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